better Bodies Camo Gym Belt
Built to Meet the Demands of the Better Bodies Lifestyle
Gasp Power Belt
Created to support your heaviest lifts, the GASP Power Belt is single prong, 13mm thick and made...
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Better Bodies Womens Gym Belt
Inspired by and designed after our best-selling Basic Gym Belt, the Women's Gym Belt is...
Better Bodies Lifting Belt 6 Inch
Made of 100% genuine leather, the 6' Lifting Belt provides superior support and protection.
Gasp Training Belt
Really strong and durable belt for a good day in the gym. Black Amara on the outside and natural...
Better Bodies Basic Gym Belt
Anatomical shaped belt in neoprene for good back support! Widen at front for extra abdominal...
Better Bodies Pro Lifting Belt
Maximum support with anatomical shaped belt in neoprene! Widen at front for extra abdominal...
Better Bodies Weight Lifting Belt
Weightlifting belt for really good support! Regular size with a 2,5 inch (10cm) back support.
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